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China and Russia strengthen strategic ties
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China And Russia have agreed to hold regular security consultations and strengthen military ties, local media reported Thursday.
Singapore, China relations warm
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Chinese Officials Say they want to improve their relations with Singapore and want Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to visit China frequently.
Consignment of pigs airlifted from Chicago to China
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China Southern Airlines has arilifted more than 800 “flying pigs” from Chicago to China.
China plans oil reserve to manage prices
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Chinese Oil Officials said Wednesday they will set up a strategic petroleum reserve this summer as a buffer against price rises and supply shortages.
China benefits from Nepali coup
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China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday the move by Nepal’s king to replace the government and put leaders under arrest was an internal affair.
Beijing signals shift in fiscal policy
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China Will Reduce its fiscal deficit by 6 percent in this year’s budget, signaling a shift in fiscal policy from expansionary to Stable.
210,000 ideas for Beijing Olympic slogan
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Beijing, Feb. 1 and entries are to be judged on how well they reflect Beijing’s notion of &Green; Olympics&, &High-tech; Olympics& and &Human;’s Olympics&.
Beijing’s GDP to increase by about 10 percent
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Recently The Beijing blue paper &2005 China Capital Development Report& was jointly released in Beijing by China Academy of Social Sciences and Beijing…
Hard times for Drum Tower in Beijing
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Part Of Beijing’s famous Drum Tower, a historical site that serves as a reference point for ancient times, is being destroyed bit by bit.

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